(Video) PopMMA raises stakes by staging a brawl on a Bus

A French content creator recently organized a unique MMA bout. He paired two guys to brawl inside a bus.

People around the world have been trying new things to up the level of excitement and potentially go viral.

Eastern Europe is the most famous when it comes to MMA oddball pairings and sccenarios, this movement is also referred to as pop-MMA.

In this type of MMA, people usually compete in a unique and ridiculous match. Some of the prior events featured intergender bouts, bouts staged in a phone booth or a car, medieval armor clashes, dwarf vs dwarf, young vs all and more.

The goal appears to be gaining attention over masterful displays of skill.

Recently, a French Youtuber tried to do something similar. IbraTV featured a one-on-one MMA match inside a bus. He put the match in a single video with a bit of story. Basically, a passenger is making a mess inside the bus, so the bus driver has to take action and the brawl occurred.

In this particular case, participants wore casual outfits with the addition of MMA gloves.

Despite having a narrative akin to a short movie, the two exchanged blows for real. A lot of vicious punches were exchanged between the two. Blood also got smeared all over the place, making this match a bit too gruesome.

There is a referee standing not too far away from them, always ready to step in, in case of an unpredictable catastrophe which isn’t impossible given the unorthodox environment,

Too bad the bus wasn’t moving during.

One Twitter user addressed it and wrote, “You know what would be even better? If it was driving, especially around corners and stopping suddenly.”

The action eventually stopped after they felt they had dealt too much damage to each other. Neither of the two guys is a combat sports professional.

Casawi and Al Avocat have never competed but have a backgrounds in mixed martial arts as they occasionally train.