(Video) Pop MMA event features blind folded fighters duking it out in the cage

Pop MMA keeps pushing the boundaries of the acceptable. The next ‘big’ thing seems to be sensory deprivation. A month after a video of double arm amputees’ fighting in MMA hit the web, the celeb MMA promotion decided to up the ante and blindfold the competitors.

In the video, two fighters seem comparable in skill and stature but they’re also both blindfolded. This seems like a recipe for a disaster considering the room in the cage and the need for action.

The twosome pretty much immediately tried to skewer the blind fold and actually see. one of the two was more bold in the way he moved up his blindfold. Naturally he was at a big advantage thanks to this.

Despite this, the gentleman in the red shorts would go on to land a takedown after pushing his opponent to the cage.

The ref was quick to separate the two – because the match was a part of some strange tag team endeavor.

They were reset to the feet. At this point the gentleman in the black trunks once again ended up pushed up to the cage and unable to properly defend – yet not really damaged in any way that called for the fight to end.

In the end the ref actually had to physically separate the two and struggled substantially in executing this.