(Video) Pop MMA Brawler gets launched into mid air in a prank gone wrong

Pop-MMA athlete got pranked with a launching chair that flew into the air. The prank went way too far and irked many fans on social media.

Pop-MMA is a mixed martial arts competition that involves non-professionals or amateurs. The participants mostly have zero experience and proper training in mixed martial arts. Basically, people that we counter everyday could participate in. This type of promotion mostly relies on publicity from viral stunts and is largely a Russian staple.

Recently, pop-MMA’s finest named Murad got pranked while attending a podcast. During the interview, one of the hosts can be seen pressing a button that connected to Murad’s chair. All of a sudden, the chair popped out an airbag. The impact was not a welcome surprise.

This simply launched Murad into the air pretty high. He flew over one of the hosts and landed flat behind him. The prank appears to be crossing the line, resulting in the video of the incident goin viral on several social media platforms. Many people jumped in to criticize the prank.

“Holy sh*t he got launched.”

“MMA career ended.”

“Jesus christ. Bro’s back will never be the same.”

“Wonder how many ligaments got micro ruptured in that. Really funny prank.”

“Could have easily killed him had he landed on his head lol.”

Murad was famous for refusing to pay a taxi. Recently, he faced the taxi driver in the pop-MMA cage. Meanwhile, In the co-main event, notorious blogger Igor Shved will share the cage with Shamistan Imanov.