(Video) Polish promotion features 5 on 5 tag team event along with past intergender bouts

MMA event titled The War showcased a pretty unique match at their major event The War 4. The Poland-based MMA promotion featured a popmma event where they featured a 3 vs 3 tag team match.

Poland is on par to Russia when it comes to featuring MMA amateur clashes aka pop-MMA. Pop-MMA is a mixed martial arts competition that involves non-professionals or amateurs. The participants barely have any experience and proper training in mixed martial arts.

They usually compete in a unique and ridiculous match such as an intergender fight, fighting in a phone booth or a car, medieval clash, dwarf vs dwarf, taking on an old man, etc. It’s all simply to gain attention or to be funny entertainment between the real matches. However, the unique match at The War 4 event was a bit more serious.

They featured a tag team showdown where a group of three men went against another group of three. They tussled in a bare knuckle fight and it was pretty brutal. The best way to win is to knockout one opponent to help their teammate beat up his opponent. And it seems like everyone involved was going for that plan and the result was pure chaos.

It might be hard to focus on one pair of actions. However, it’s still pretty brutal to look at overall. Within one minute after the horn sounded, one man was knocked out and the ref stepped in to bring him to the side of the cage. Meanwhile his opponent quickly helped his teammate beat their opponent.