(Video) Paddy Pimblett invites internet troll for a sparring session

Recently, Paddy Pimblett has taken action against online trolls. Pimblett has been faced with an army of negative comments in the fall out of his conflict with Ariel Helwani over seeking payment for an interview.

Helwani was dismayed to hear Pimblett spread disinformation about him on an episode of Pimblett’s show that featured UFC president Dana White so he fired back with a lot of receipts. And Pimblett has been in a storm of negative comments ever since.

Since entering the organization in 2021, Pimblett’s popularity within the UFC has rapidly risen. His recent achievements have earned him a lot of fans.

In addition to being in co-main event of a PPV card, Pimblett also finds time to answer to his haters. The lightweight contestant often calls up his online trolls and challenges them to compete against him in his gym.

Paddy can be seen in action with one of his trolls in a recent video that he released on his YouTube channel. Pimblett obviously had the person with his blows, but the troll didn’t give up. He continued attempting to fight back, gaining the respect of the UFC fighter.

Pimblett thanked the troll for coming to battle him and continued:

“He’s got b*lls. … I have got a lot more respect for him than anyone else on Instagram who talks sh*t. He actually turned up.”

Paddy Pimblett is presently unbeaten in the organization with his recent victory over Jared Gordon at UFC 282.

Din Thomas is a UFC veteran who is now an analyst. He commented on the argument between Paddy and the well-known journalist in a recent interview. He agreed that both sides had good reasons, and he commended Paddy for speaking his mind.

John said: “This is a situation where I think both guys are right. They both have a point. Depending on the type of media Ariel considers himself to be. If you’re the news, you obviously don’t pay people to come onto your show, you’re the news…but if you’re an outlet and you’re making off of your show, that’s a little different. I do the same thing, I have shows that I make money off of… Am I mad at Paddy for doing that? Absolutely not. Will I ever have him on one of my shows? Absolutely not.”