(Video) Ouch: Alternative angle of Brian Ortega’s ankle roll goes viral

A recent viral video on social media captured UFC featherweight Brian Ortega experiencing a harrowing moment just moments before his bout at UFC FN 237 on February 24. The footage, taken from an audience member’s perspective, provided a chilling view of Ortega rolling his ankle in a nasty twist.

Ortega’s return to the octagon after a prolonged absence was eagerly anticipated by fans, as he faced off against former adversary Yair Rodriguez in the co-main event. While some speculated about Ortega’s readiness following a string of injuries and his extended hiatus, few were aware of the near-miss he encountered just before the fight commenced.

During the customary pre-fight announcements by Bruce Buffer, Ortega was observed warming up in the octagon, engaging in jumping exercises. In a moment of misfortune, he inadvertently rolled his ankle mid-jump, prompting a startled reaction as he assessed the damage.

Fortunately, Ortega managed to compose himself and proceeded with the match, showcasing his resilience and determination in the face of adversity. However, a newly surfaced angle of the incident, captured by a fan’s phone camera, revealed the severity of the ankle roll, underscoring the potential danger he narrowly avoided.

Despite the pre-fight scare, Ortega delivered a remarkable performance against Rodriguez, a formidable opponent in the division. The bout unfolded as a compelling back-and-forth exchange, with Ortega weathering an early onslaught in the first round before seizing control with his grappling prowess in subsequent rounds.

Ortega’s resilience and strategic grappling ultimately proved decisive, as he secured a victory over Rodriguez via arm triangle choke in the final round. The win marked Ortega’s triumphant return to the win column and propelled him to the number 3 spot in the featherweight rankings.

In the aftermath of his victory, speculation arose regarding Ortega’s next move, with some suggesting a potential matchup against Illia Topuria for the title. However, Ortega emphasized the importance of careful deliberation and consultation with the UFC before committing to his next bout, opting not to rush into any decisions.