(Video) Ortega explains why he insisted the ref does not raise his hand after submission win at UFC Mexico

UFC featherweight Brian Ortega racked up an impressive submission win against Yair Rodriguez at the recent UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs Royval 2. As the results were announced, Ortega found himself at the center of attention for an expected post-bout move that he did not want to follow. As the referee attempted to raise Ortega’s hand in victory, the featherweight opted to keep his hands down.

After the match, Ortega was asked about his decision not to allow the referee to raise his hand. Ortega responded: “I didn’t want to. Yeah. Yeah, it was at the end of the day. So I told him. I said to raise my hand in front of you. I don’t have any problems with you. No issues with you.”

Ortega made it clear that his decision was not a sign of disrespect towards the referee, but rather a calculated move driven by a specific motive. He emphasized his respect for Rodriguez, acknowledging the mutual sportsmanship between them.

Ortega stated: “You’ve been nothing but it’s like a good sport. And its just respect, bro. At the end of the day, like the fans won, they got a show. And it’s over… Mission accomplished. We did what we had to do. No.”

Ortega’s comments shed light on his perspective, emphasizing that the essence of the match was in the competition itself. His ultimate goal was achieved by delivering an entertaining show for the fans. This sentiment aligns with the notion that in the sport of mixed martial arts, respect and sportsmanship are values that extend beyond the cage.

During the same match, there was quite some controversy as the match was ending. Ortega seemed to cling to his triangle choke against Yair Rodriguez for a few seconds despite referee Marc Goddard’s attempts to stop it. Ortega explained it by saying that he had problems with his eardrums and zoned out during the submission.