(Video) OnlyFans boxer Elle Brooke KOs Faith Ordway and leaves her bloodied

In less than two minutes of their influencer boxing match at the OVO Arena Wembley, OnlyFans star Elle Brooke brutally stopped Tik Tok star Faith Ordway.

The Portsmouth native has been working out with renowned trainer Mark Tibbs for the last 12 months. She trained with Tibbs and the world champion Ebanie Bridges in Leeds.

Prior to agreeing to box Brooke, Ordway cancelled a contest the previous year. She was coming off a strong training session in her own right. But she struggled under the tremendous pressure from Brooke.

Ordway was swinging fiercely in the match for the whole time it was going. However, she was unable to strike a huge blow that may have ended the contest. The referee ultimately determined it was time to give Brooke her stoppage win.

After the match, Brooke immediately mentioned Wett. The two were meant to face each other at the Kingpyn Boxing event last summer.

Brooke and Ordway never showed any instances of animosity throughout an unusually cordial fight week. Instead, they seemed to be arguing with other influencers who were present at the event. Jesse Lannister criticized the American for her usage of Only Fans as a mother, and yesterday Brooke got into a heated argument with Wett.

The post-weigh-in interview that Wett was recording for the DAZN broadcast witnessed the two engage in a verbal altercation during the weigh-in. Both women are eager for the match to take place. However, weight is a crucial consideration since Brooke is considerably larger.