(Video) One-hit-quitter faceplants Taguchi


In a recent spectacle at GLADIATOR Professional Mixed Martial Arts League’s major event, GLADIATOR 24, fans witnessed an intense featherweight battle that culminated in a jaw-dropping knockout. The promotion, renowned for delivering thrilling MMA matches, showcased the clash between Shuya Kimura and Shota Taguchi in the main card, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

The Osaka-based event on December 8 featured an array of matchups, ranging from emerging talents to seasoned athletes. However, the standout bout unfolded in the featherweight division, where Kimura and Taguchi engaged in a true warrior’s duel.

Right from the opening bell, the fighters exhibited mutual respect with a high five, setting the stage for an all-out war. Taguchi asserted early dominance by delivering a powerful blow that dropped Kimura. Yet, Kimura exhibited resilience, swiftly regaining composure and continuing the fierce exchange.

While Taguchi initially appeared in control, Kimura strategically adapted to his opponent’s pace, showcasing a brilliant combination of striking and grappling. In a pivotal moment, Taguchi attempted to secure an advantage by clinching Kimura after being cornered. However, Kimura turned the tables, utilizing the momentum to execute a powerful slam to the canvas.

Transitioning to ground-and-pound, Kimura applied relentless pressure, but Taguchi managed a strategic escape, returning to his feet. The fighters resumed their striking exchange, displaying a degree of exhaustion as they waited for the opportune moment.

As the intensity momentarily subsided, Kimura seized the chance to deliver a lightning-fast right hand that found its mark on Taguchi’s jaw. The impact was immediate and devastating, causing Taguchi to collapse unconscious to the canvas. With the referee swiftly intervening, Kimura secured victory via a first-round knockout.


The electrifying 80-second war left fans in awe, culminating in what can only be described as a one-hitter-quitter faceplant knockout by Shuya Kimura. The remarkable finish adds another unforgettable moment to GLADIATOR’s legacy of delivering captivating and memorable MMA showdowns.