(Video) Nick Diaz receives kooky treatment for slew of back injuries

UFC veteran Nick Diaz revealed he is nursing several injuries ahead of his octagon return. He said that he had several accidents resulting in lingering neck and back injuries.

Nick Diaz was one of the most famous mixed martial artists back in the days. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion has faced some tough contenders, such Robbie Lawler, Frank Shamrock, Paul Daley, and BJ Penn.

Despite never winning a championship in the UFC, Nick Diaz’s gangster attitude is highly liked by fans, making him one of the biggest influencers along with his younger brother Nate Diaz.

Nick Diaz was originally retired in 2015, but he made a comeback in 2021 to face former opponent Robbie Lawler in a middleweight bout. They competed in a special non-title main event bout where Lawler won via TKO in the first round.

The 39-year-old isn’t done with mixed martial arts yet. He is planning to compete again later this year. He is going to compete in the middleweight division again and is hoping to face former champion Israel Adesanya.

However, ahead of his return, Diaz shared some issues with his body. On a chiropractor’s Youtube chaannel, Diaz revealed that he is currently dealing with neck and back issues.

“I have a little bit of – a few neck issues. My L5 and my S1. Lower back stuff. I’m just not as agile as I was. Just lack of training, I think – I used to just jump back into sparring, five five-minute rounds. Teach class and train all day. I still do that, but I gotta map it out and put miles on the road.” Diaz explained

He added, “I need to do some strengthening work. Leg strength and lower back stuff, just to pull all that stuff together.”

Diaz has been inactive ever since he had a rematch with Lawler in 2021. He said that his injureis came from some accidents and even street brawls.

“Most of these injuries that I have, they’re not from fighting. I fell off a bike, and I got in a few street fights. And I ended up all f*cked up.” Diaz said.