(Video) Nick Diaz randomly spars man in the street, fans react

Nick Diaz is a seasoned octagon veteran, and former UFC superstar who has earned a solid reputation within the MMA industry for his relentless combat style.

Interestingly, Diaz seems to be embroiled in street brawls. Recently, a video surfaced on Twitter which was posted by user Patrick St-Pierre.

The video showed the former UFC welterweight championship contender engaging in a brawl with an unidentified individual.

What started as a seemingly lighthearted encounter quickly escalated into a serious confrontation as Diaz faced off against the individual. In the video, Nick Diaz unleashed a barrage of powerful leg kicks, catching his unprepared opponent off guard and leaving him reeling from the surprise assault.

The video garnered attention from people around the world, sparking a flurry of responses and discussions.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“What’s this from. Why didn’t Nick destroy him.”

“Nick is like I don’t want to hurt u bro. And the guy just keeps asking for it.”

“I met Nick twice in Vegas. Super nice guy. Probably wouldn’t try to spar him on site.”

“Did he try to run away?””

Nick could’ve connected hard on that left but he pulled it.”

“When you see a Diaz brother starting to point at you, just walk away.”

“Couldn’t tell if this guy was tryin to fight to not but nick tried to run away soo can’t be mad at him just defending himself.”

“Nick is like I don’t want to hurt u bro. And the guy just keeps asking for it.”

During a guest appearance on Michael Bisping’s podcast, Georges St-Pierre made a surprising revelation about a potential future opponent. According to GSP, Diaz is the top choice for his next opponent.

He said: “I’ve got some name now that came out. And apparently, most of the fans and the UFC, they really want, they would like me to grapple against Nick Diaz. That’s the name that comes back more often… The number one choice for UFC was Diaz.”

In the past, Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre engaged in a remarkable match at UFC 158. GSP ended up winning the match via unanimous decision.

St-Pierre went on to win the middleweight belt against Michael Bisping in 2017 before retiring from competitive activity.

On the other hand, Nick Diaz made a much-anticipated return to the octagon in 2021. However, his comeback was met with disappointment as Robbie Lawler defeated him by TKO at UFC 266.