(Video) Nick Diaz gets into it with LA rapper after car accident

Nick Diaz is a fan-favorite in the MMA world. However, a recent car accident and subsequent dispute with LA recording artist Calibrii have left some wondering differently about Diaz.

Nick Diaz most recently competed against Robbie Lawler in a lackluster comeback bout at 185 pounds. He lost to Lawler at UFC 266 due to difficulties in training camp and a neck injury.

Nick Diaz later confirmed rumors of accepting the bout for financial reasons. However, he has now hinted at a possible return to the octagon after a successful neck surgery.

In a video posted on Instagram, Diaz and Calibrii can be seen arguing in what appears to be a minor vehicle collision. The two can be heard talking back and forth, with Calibrii expressing reluctance to engage in any kind of physical confrontation with Diaz. This is perhaps wise, given that Diaz is a former Strikeforce welterweight champion.

During their conversation, Diaz asks Calibrii “Do you want some?” Calibrii then asks what Diaz meant by that, and Diaz clarifies that he was just asking if Calibrii was okay.

Calibrii then responds by saying that he doesn’t “get down like that.” It’s unclear whether this was meant as a threat or simply an indication that Calibrii wasn’t interested in a brawl.

Fortunately for Calibrii, the video ends with Diaz plainly attempting to be the more amicable of the two.

The video resurfaced at a time when Nick Diaz’s younger brother Nate has been dealing with a barrage of legal concerns stemming from an incident with Logan Paul impersonator. The younger Diaz is likely staring down some community service if not probation.

However, Nate Diaz is scheduled to take on Jake Paul in a boxing match soon. It would be fascinating to see whether big brother Nick is far behind Nate Diaz in entering the ring.