(Video) NFL’s Micah Parsons Gets Smoked by a Sumo Wrestler in Japan

Micah Parsons is the star linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. He has consistently emerged as a finalist for the prestigious Defensive Player of the Year Award throughout his iconic NFL career. His skills on the field has garnered widespread recognition, solidifying his position as one of the top defensive talents in the league.

Parsons is known for his competitive spirit and unwavering determination. He recently showcased his adventurous side by engaging in a unique showdown during a visit to Japan. Eager to test his mettle in unfamiliar territory, the 24-year-old linebacker boldly took on a professional sumo wrestler in Tokyo.

In a video shared by Bleacher Report, Parsons can be seen engaging in a spirited one-on-one battle with the sumo wrestler. In his first attempt against the sumo wrestler, Parsons was unsuccessful.

Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud was also present. He continued to make hand signals at the Cowboys defenders, making fun of Micah and calling him a little boy. Stroud gave the sumo wrestler the guts to taunt Parsons, telling him he wasn’t a match for him.

Parsons retaliated by challenging the wrestler once again. But this time, the standout linebacker resisted as the two pressed forward. Both were attempting to push the other out of the dohyō.

Eventually, Micah forced the sumo wrestler out. After his win, the star linebacker became ecstatic, bouncing around the room and imitating the wrestler in the same way that he had made fun of him.

Following his triumph, Parsons took to social media. He retweeted the Bleacher Report’s post and wrote: “One thing you won’t do is disrespect the lion and think I’m not finna lock in!”


Parsons defeated a man twice his size, demonstrating his defensive prowess and effectiveness.

Currently on a 10-day tour of three locations in Asia, CJ Stroud and Micah Parsons are hosting football camps for young and high school players. Based in Beijing and Shanghai, the two NFL players are in the midst of a week-long stay in Tokyo as part of the 2024 Asia Tour.

While teaching the kids football, the two had some good times. Stroud and Micah even got to toss the ceremonial first pitch before a Tokyo Giants game as part of the trip.