(Video) NFL quarterback Joe Burrow pays homage to UFC’s Alex Pereira during NFL game

NFL quarterback Joe Burrow showcased his admiration for newly crowned UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira. The homage unfolded less than 24 hours after Pereira’s electrifying victory at Madison Square Garden, where he secured his second UFC title in a different weight class.

Pereira’s triumph over Jiri Prochazka, culminating in a stunning second-round knockout, earned him a coveted spot among the UFC’s elite. The Brazilian star now joins an exclusive group of only eight athletes in the promotion’s 30-year history to claim titles in two distinct weight divisions.

Witnessing this historic achievement, Joe Burrow seamlessly integrated Pereira’s signature taunt into his own celebration. The NFL star paid homage to the UFC champion after connecting with Trenton Irwin for a remarkable 32-yard touchdown pass during the Cincinnati Bengals’ clash with the Houston Texans on Sunday.

The video capturing this unique moment has circulated widely, emphasizing the camaraderie and mutual respect that transcends the boundaries of different sports.

Alex Pereira’s rapid ascent in the UFC, with just seven fights inside the Octagon, reflects his exceptional skill and determination. His accomplishment adds a new layer to the already storied history of athletes who have conquered multiple weight classes in the UFC.

While Pereira joins the ranks of legends, including featherweight champ Alexander Volkanovski, the UFC continues to be a stage for extraordinary talent and unprecedented achievements. Volkanovski’s recent attempts to secure titles in two weight classes further underscore the difficulty of such a feat, with both opportunities eluding him.

As the sports world marvels at Alex Pereira’s dual-title triumph, Joe Burrow’s homage serves as a testament to the universal appeal and shared admiration among athletes across diverse disciplines.