(Video) NELK’s Steiny spars wannabe MMA journalist Derek Sullivan on the pavement

In a surprising turn of events, a heated rivalry between a NELK member and a Betr employee, Derek Sullivan, escalated to a physical showdown in a parking lot. This clash added another layer of drama to an already contentious feud.

Derek Sullivan, who works for Betr, a micro-betting app associated with social media sensation Jake Paul, has been stirring up trouble in the combat sports world recently. His provocative comments and challenges have irked many, including renowned MMA star Nate Diaz.

Sullivan’s audacious request for a match between Nate Diaz’s brother, Nick Diaz, and himself on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz infuriated fans and mixed martial artists alike. His disrespectful comments about Nick Diaz led to a fiery exchange of words.

Sullivan’s trash talk extended beyond the octagon, drawing the ire of UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley. O’Malley publicly expressed his disdain for Sullivan, further escalating the online feud.

However, it’s not just professional MMA stars who found themselves at odds with Sullivan. Aaron Steinberg, a YouTuber from NELK known as Steiny, engaged in several heated arguments with Sullivan, both online and in person.

Things took an unexpected turn when Steiny and other NELK members participated in a podcast hosted by Jake Paul. During the podcast, they discussed Steiny’s ongoing feud with Sullivan. To everyone’s surprise, Paul invited Sullivan to join the show.

Inside the studio, tensions escalated, and the verbal confrontation between Steiny and Sullivan reached its boiling point. With emotions running high, the two combatants decided to settle their differences in a more physical manner—through boxing.

Boxing gloves were provided, and the impromptu brawl took place in a nearby parking lot, surrounded by crews and security personnel from both Betr and NELK, ensuring no interruptions.

What astonished onlookers was the combat skills displayed by both Sullivan and Steiny. Sullivan had previously claimed to train in boxing, and he was living up to his words during this brawl. Despite Steiny’s significant reach disadvantage, he put up a strong oposition.

Various videos from different angles captured the showdown and were shared online. However, none of them provided a clear winner, leaving spectators in suspense about who had the upper hand in the brawl.

Despite the intensity of their clash, both Sullivan and Steiny demonstrated respect for each other at the end of the sparring. They shared a fist bump and praised each other’s skills, possibly putting an end to this chapter of their rivalry.