(Video) Nate Diaz says he would smash BJJ champ Musumeci, Musumeci responds

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Mikey Musumeci has responded to the call-out from MMA star Nate Diaz, expressing his willingness to face Diaz on the grappling mat.

Musumeci has garnered recognition for his remarkable achievements, including being the first American to secure three IBJJF World titles at the black belt level, alongside numerous other accolades.

Recently, Musumeci found himself embroiled in a feud with controversial streamer ‘Sneako’, originating from comments made by Sneako disparaging the sport of BJJ during one of his streams, including Musumeci’s matches.

In response, Musumeci challenged Sneako to an MMA match, although Sneako’s lack of martial arts experience hindered the fruition of their confrontation.

Despite a temporary lull in their conflict, tensions reignited when Sneako invited UFC veteran Nate Diaz to join him on his stream. During their conversation, Diaz expressed his disdain for Musumeci, aligning himself with Sneako and suggesting that with sufficient training, Sneako could defeat Musumeci in an MMA bout.

Diaz’s derogatory remarks, including the use of a homophobic slur, quickly circulated on social media and reached Musumeci’s attention.

In a dignified response to Diaz’s disparaging comments, Musumeci took to social media, acknowledging Diaz’s stature in MMA and expressing admiration for the Diaz brothers’ accomplishments. Despite the insult, Musumeci conveyed his willingness to engage in a grappling match with Diaz, citing their mutual proficiency as black belts in BJJ. Musumeci emphasized his respect for Diaz and his eagerness to seize the opportunity for such a unique encounter, disregarding weight classes and expressing his readiness to compete.

Musumeci’s response exemplifies his sportsmanship and willingness to engage in constructive competition, underscoring his dedication to his craft and respect for fellow athletes.