(Video) Nate Diaz receives keys to Stockton from mayor

MMA star Nate Diaz recently got honored and received an honorary key to the city of Stockton. Diaz appeared while wearing the iconic “soaking wet Travis Scott” Jordans.

Nate Diaz just finished out his contract with the UFC. The fan-favorite athlete walked out with a victory over fellow legend Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 last month. The pair tussled for four rounds and Diaz eventually locked in a guillotine choke and made Ferguson tap with 2:09 left on the clock in round four. The 37-year-old Stockton native is now officially a free agent.

Recently, Nate Diaz was awarded a key to Stockton from Mayor Kevin Lincoln at the Stockton Arena during the Stockton Kings basketball game. This is to honor his contribution to the community in his city.

During his whole MMA career, Nate Diaz always showed that he is a proud citizen of Stockton, a city in the San Joaquin River, in California’s Central Valley. He represented the area code ‘209’ with pride and even made an iconic “Stockton slap” into a thing. He also helped put the city on the map.

Diaz also appeared wearing the iconic Travis Scott Air Jordans that were drenched with his sweat. He took off his shoes during the UFC 279 post-fight press conference after defeating Tony Ferguson and said, “Dude, this is a soaking wet Travis Scott”.

After finishing out his UFC contract, Nate Diaz now has many options to choose in his fighting career. The 37-year-old previously showed interest to compete in Bellator MMA, where several of his friends compete there. However, a more lucrative option might be coming from the boxing ring. Several famous names have been calling out Nate Diaz to exchange blows in the squared circle, including popular internet celebrity Jake Paul.