(Video) Nate Diaz had a funny reaction to Chandler’s prediction for McGregor match up

In a recent encounter, UFC icon Nate Diaz displayed his trademark humor when quizzed about his forecast for the highly anticipated Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler matchup. Diaz, known for his candid responses, opted to steer clear of any involvement in the predictions.

Conor McGregor has been absent from the octagon since July 2021. Despite declaring his intention to make a comeback in the current year, complications arose due to his avoidance of USADA testing, resulting in repeated postponements. McGregor has not undergone testing for over two years until recently.

The recent revelation about the UFC ending its partnership with the USADA in the coming year has added uncertainty. Although the USADA announced McGregor’s return to the pool, questions loom over whether the UFC will adhere to the customary six-month waiting period.

Despite the controversies, McGregor is poised for a probable return next summer, even though many expected him to make an appearance at UFC 300.

The potential opponent for McGregor is his old TUF rival, Michael Chandler. The two stars, who previously coached opposing teams on TUF Season 31, have developed a compelling rivalry. Predictions about the outcome of their impending clash have been abundant, but Nate Diaz, McGregor’s historic rival, remains uninterested in taking a stance. Despite expectations that Diaz might favor Chandler due to their shared history with McGregor, he succinctly declined to reveal his prediction.

In a recent elevator conversation with Chandler and others, the TUF coach unveiled his strategy, envisioning a first-round exhaustion of McGregor before securing a knockout victory in the second.

“Dont be involving me in this,” Diaz retorted to insidefighting, humorously sidestepping the prediction inquiries.

Diaz and McGregor share a storied history, clashing in the octagon in 2016, where Diaz handed McGregor his first UFC loss via submission in the second round. The duo engaged in a rematch later that year, with McGregor emerging victorious through a majority decision.

While fans continue to clamor for a trilogy between Diaz and McGregor, the former’s retirement has injected an air of uncertainty into the prospect, leaving some hopeful for a potential crossover into the boxing ring.