(Video) Nasty elbow scalps opponent forcing medical stoppage

In a chilling scene reminiscent of a horror film, Gustavo Oliveira delivered a massive spinning back elbow that left Bruno Augusto Dos Santos unable to continue at KSW 84 on July 15. The impact of Oliveira’s strike split Dos Santos’ head open, prompting the doctor to call off the bout in the third round.

Promotion shared a graphic image of the gruesome gash caused by Oliveira’s elbow, warning viewers of its graphic nature. The wound, located on top of Dos Santos’ skull, measured several inches across, leaving spectators in awe.

Oliveira, with an impressive record of 11-2 MMA and 2-1 KSW, extended his winning streak to three, showcasing his dominance with six TKO finishes and three submissions. However, the stoppage sparked some controversies, as some onlookers believed Dos Santos had won the first two rounds and deserved the victory. Chute Boxe head coach and manager Diego Lima voiced his disagreement with the result on KSW’s official Instagram page, expressing his belief that stopping the bout due to a cut in the third round was unjust and changed the true outcome.


The spinning back elbow finish at KSW 84 set the tone for the event, igniting excitement among the Polish crowd. The electrifying knockout was followed by a triangle-choke finish, keeping the momentum and intensity high inside the octagon.

While cuts are an integral part of combat sports like MMA, incidents like this serve as a reminder of the risks MMA stars take each time they step into the cage. The thin line between victory and defeat can be altered by a single strike, leaving both stars and fans in awe of the sport’s raw power and unpredictability.

As Oliveira celebrates his impressive victory, Dos Santos will undoubtedly undergo medical evaluation and recovery to ensure his well-being.

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