(Video) Muhammad Ali’s grandson fails to win latest boxing bout

Rising boxing prospect Nico Ali Walsh faced a surprising setback in his latest bout against seasoned veteran Danny Rosenberger.

He has been competing in the middleweight category for Top Rank Promotions, where he has amassed an undefeated 8-0 record. On the undercard of Devin Haney’s victory against Vasyl Lomachenko this past weekend, the 22-year-old took his most recent step in the ring.

Despite maintaining a flawless record of eight victories, Nico Ali Walsh was held to a split draw. The judges’ scorecards revealed a close contest, with two officials scoring the match 77-75 in favor of either boxer. However, the third card resulted in a draw at 76-76.

This unexpected turn of events has forced Ali Walsh to reassess his strategy and determine his path to the top. Throughout his career, Ali Walsh has showcased glimpses of his talent. In one of his previous victories, he mesmerized the audience by performing the infamous ‘Ali’ shuffle.

As he reevaluates his approach at the young at of 22, Ali Walsh must find a way to harness his skills and honor his family’s boxing heritage.

Danny Rosenberger presented a formidable challenge for Ali Walsh, who struggled to mount a significant offensive against his experienced adversary. Rosenberger skillfully boxed off the back foot, maintaining distance.

Additionally, the young boxer revealed that the Ali name carries an added burden for him. He recounted his early experiences in the boxing gym, where he was targeted as he was related to the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Nico Ali Walsh told Sky Sports: “My first sparring match ever I got totally beat up because they knew who I was. I never said who I was. Word travels somehow and it’s quick.”

Ali Walsh continued: “Everyone wants to knock out an Ali. So I felt that, like I said, my first time ever sparring in a boxing gym. I felt that, so I’m used to it at this point. Everyone I face, especially in a professional ring, I face the best versions of themselves. ”

“I’m like that’s their best version of themselves. That’s how it is every single time, they just prepare because they want to be able to beat an Ali, I guess. So I’m prepared for that and it’s funny how that works. But I’m ready.”