(Video) Muay thai scandal unravels after a competitor admits to taking a dive

A clash at the famous Muay Thai Stadium in Rajadamnern raised many eyebrows because of the tactics of the participants. Lertchailek Sitlertchai lost a match by knockout much to the dismay of attendees of the event.

The two muay thai athletes were scheduled for a match at a 134-pounds during the event. The whole drama started when Sitkamnannan punched Lertchailek Sitlertchai, who fell to the mat instantly. Audience instantly thought he had collapsed during the bout due to the discrepancy between the estimated strength of impact and the theatrical dive.

To make matters worse video footage of the event is widely available.

Locker room footage was released subsequently.

Sia Boat Nattadej Wachirarattanawong, a young boxing promoter of Petch Yindee Boxing Camp, approached the losing athlete after the bout and asked him about the finish and whether it was fair or fixed. Lertchailek initially denied that he took a dive and claimed he didn’t mean to drop that way.

Moments later, Muayded 789 Facebook posted a video of the incident, which again opened the investigation. During the investigation, Sitlertchai spoke out and admitted to taking the dive in alleged attempt to fix match results.

His mentor was standing beside him and refused to accept until Sia oat explained the whole proceedings of the previous day. He revealed that both boxers came from Sisaket together, traveled in the same car, ate from the same eating spot, and even slept together in the same room. He claimed that he had not seen such collaboration between competitors in his life.

The matter was transferred to Nang Leong Police Station for further investigation.