(Video) Muay Thai athlete Wrecks Wing Chun Practitioner

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a concept based traditional Chinese martial art. Many people believe that this martial art is fully ready for street self-defense. However, unlike those kung fu movies, Wing Chun doesn’t seem so effective when used against another martial artist.

Muay Thai is today one of the best bases for success in MMA . In the video below, a Muay Thai an athlete can be seen destroying a Wing Chun practitioner with ease.

The Muay Thai athlete  played it aggressively the second the bout  started. He immediately delivered a hard leg kick that shocked the Wing Chun practitioner and made him off balance. Starting to lose his focus, the Wing Chun fighter suffered another kick.

The two circled around, switching their position. The Muay Thai athlete catches him completely off-guard with his right-hand punch and floors the Wing Chun practicioner. Surprisingly, the Wing Chun guy was half-conscious and decided to continue the bout for another round.

Just like the first round, the second round of their clash is painfully one-sided. Muay Thai guy executed a few kicks and knocked out the Wing Chun practitioner with a finishing blow. The crossover lasted under a minute in total.

This one particular video doesn’t represent all the Wing Chun and Muay Thai athletes. In this case, it seems like the Muay Thai practitioner was at least experienced, while the Wing Chun practitioner found himself in deep waters.