(Video) Mouthguard flies out of fighter’s mouth during striking exchange

Mixed martial arts is one of those sports where anything used to be possible. Since then, MMA has been regulated to avoid some of the biggest hazards to health. The only protective gear fighters wear into the cage is a mouth guard, a cup and their trusted gloves.

Mouthguards aren’t all that reliable – as it turns out. A well placed punch has sent the mouthguard flying here and there and produced some gruesome results.

During the ACAYE 27 last night a fight between Gadjammatov and Umarov had one of these picture perfect endings.

Chechen set promotion ACA Young Eagles 27 featured the following ending:

As for mouth guards – they’re not fool proof either. Mike Tyson once brouke the mouthfuard and knocked out the teeth of Mitch Green afterwards.

You can see his jab knocking out the mouthguard and then subsequently once people picked it up they found the bloody teeth inside.

The whole thing was even more apparent on the replay.

Muradov once produced a similar effect in the UFC cage.

But this kind of thing happens even outside of MMA and boxing.


My favorite KO just because the mouthguard flies out