(Video) Molly McCann cheers on injured Tom Aspinall in bar chant

The Brits had a great time at UFC London. The O2 arena was once again packed and ready to bat for the home team. Paddy Pimblett’s walkout alone electrified the entire broadcast. But despite Molly McCann scoring yet another spinning elbow victory the night had it’s downsides with Tom Aspinall critically injuring his knee during the first couple seconds of the opening round.

Aspinall was visibly upset and in pain and couldn’t even leave the arena without assistance. Despite his injuries he showed up on crutches to celebrate with his compatriots.

Visibly ‘boosted’ Molly McCann there led a bar chant and singalong hoping to boost Aspinall’s morale.

Aspinall’s chant first became a thing after he submitted Aleksandar Volkov at UFC London back in March. This was the first time the UFC had come to UK since the pandemic started – roughly a 3 year break.


Aspinall was visibly amused by the chant when it became a thing explaining that:

“It was unbelievable and [the video] was recorded by my best friend that I’ve known for 25 years,” the UFC heavyweight told talkSPORT.

“He said he just walked round the corner and literally that was going on and people were going absolutely insane.”

“I’ve watched that video probably about 100 times, so epic scenes outside the O2.”