(Video) MMA star was attacked with a bottle of Soya Sauce by his upcoming opponent

In an unexpected turn of events, a recent MMA pre-fight press conference took an unusual and bizarre twist when one athlete poured soy sauce on the head of his opponent.

Press conferences in combat sports, particularly in mixed martial arts, serve as a crucial platform to promote upcoming events. They contribute to building excitement and anticipation among fans while offering athletes the chance to address media queries, thereby garnering extensive coverage.

However, these press conferences often transcend the boundaries of convention, especially when athletes, who have developed animosity, come face-to-face. Seated in close proximity, discussions fueled by media questions mentioning opponents can escalate, occasionally leading to physical altercations.

Instances of altercations during press conferences are not uncommon, but a recent incident stands out for its peculiar nature. The incident unfolded during a pre-fight press conference for the imminent Road FC 67, an MMA extravaganza hosted by the renowned South Korea-based promotion Road Fighting Championship. Scheduled for December 16 in Seoul, South Korea, the event has gained attention not just for its matchups but also for the unprecedented incident that occurred during the presser.

During yesterday’s press conference, Korean athlete Hyun Bin Yoon became the target of an unorthodox attack by his upcoming opponent, Niki Shoyu from Japan. The two are set to face off in a lightweight bout as part of the main card, and it’s evident that tensions had already escalated before the press conference, particularly on Shoyu’s part.

In a brief yet viral clip circulating on social media, Shoyu is seen rising from his seat and approaching Yoon deliberately. In a surprising move, he nonchalantly pours soy sauce over Yoon’s head, creating a surreal moment that left everyone in attendance momentarily stunned.

Adding to the bizarre nature of the incident, Yoon’s reaction was nearly nonexistent. Seemingly unfazed, he accepted the soy sauce dousing without immediate retaliation. It took a few seconds for some individuals on stage to respond, and even then, the reaction appeared sluggish. Shoyu was eventually escorted off the stage, and notably, no security guards intervened throughout the peculiar episode.

This unprecedented Soy Sauce Surprise at the Road FC press conference has left the MMA community and fans astounded, adding a surreal chapter to the buildup of an already anticipated event.