(Video) MMA star submits opponent, finds Jesus in cringe worthy speech

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting 13 (LXF 13) delivered a night of thrilling action at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA, with one of the standout moments being Andrew Campos’ swift defense of his Featherweight title against Daniel Renteria in the “Prelims” featured fight. Campos exhibited his prowess in the cage, securing a victory with a remarkable triangle choke that led to Renteria tapping out in just 48 seconds.

The highlights of the match showcase Campos’ efficiency, as he dropped Renteria before expertly locking in the triangle choke, emphasizing his dominance in the amateur Featherweight division.

While the quick and decisive finish added to Campos’ impressive amateur record, it was his post-fight speech that captured the audience’s attention. Campos, in a moment of honesty, shared his personal journey, acknowledging past struggles and expressing gratitude for finding purpose and faith.

“You know, I feel like this is what I was meant to do; this is why God put me on this earth,” Campos stated in his post-fight interview. “I feel like I don’t deserve any of this; I’m a sinner. I’ve been living in the darkness for too long, I’ve been smoking weed every day, and I’ve been watching porn, but I gave all that up. I gave my life to the lord, and now I’m here, man. You call upon his name and believe in him; he can change your life. I was living in the dark, but now I’m in the light, guys.”

Despite the unexpected confession, Campos received support for his honesty and determination to overcome personal challenges. The MMA community acknowledged his sincerity and encouraged his continued success, both inside and outside the cage.

At 24 years old, Campos boasts a 5-1 amateur record, with two of his victories coming in under a minute. Looking ahead, he expressed plans “to get better” and add more muscle before transitioning to the professional ranks.

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting, under the leadership of former NFL linebacker Shawn Merriman, continues to provide an exciting platform for emerging talents. The promotion recently announced a partnership with Street Beefs, enhancing its reach and influence in the world of regional MMA.

As LXF 13 showcased thrilling matchups and unexpected moments, Campos’ victory and candid post-fight speech added a unique chapter to the promotion’s evolving narrative. With Campos eyeing professional endeavors, his journey promises further excitement for MMA enthusiasts following his career trajectory.