(Video) MMA star pulls off Suloev stretch during MMA pro debut

Mixed martial arts never cease to amaze with their diverse array of submissions and techniques. In a recent bout under the banner of Ertaimash Fighting Championship (EFC), fans witnessed a remarkable display of skill as Bektas Sultanbek executed one of the rarest submissions in MMA – the Suloev Stretch.

EFC, headquartered in Kyrgyzstan, held its highly anticipated event, EFC Global 37, on October 12 in Oskemen, Kazakhstan. The competition featured a series of intense match-ups between athletes hailing from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. However, one particular bantamweight bout stole the show.

The stars in question were Bektas Sultanbek from Kazakhstan and Keldibek from Kyrgyzstan. Despite this being Sultanbek’s first professional match, he demonstrated incredible potential from the moment the bout commenced.

Sultanbek’s grappling skills quickly became evident as he seized control over Keldibek. He swiftly shifted positions and launched a relentless ground-and-pound assault, preventing his opponent from regaining his footing. Keldibek, in a valiant effort, tried to fend off his opponent’s attacks as long as possible. But the glaring difference in skill levels became evident.

Midway through the round, Sultanbek seized back control and did something extraordinary. He locked onto Keldibek’s left leg, pulling it towards the back of Keldibek’s head, placing immense pressure on the muscles. The pain became unbearable for Keldibek, forcing him to tap out, ultimately sealing Sultanbek’s victory.

The Suloev Stretch, while not the most common submission in MMA, remains a fascinating and effective technique. Many martial artists tend to lean towards more conventional methods like back submissions or arm submissiions. This preference often arises from the Suloev Stretch being relatively underrepresented in training, coupled with its inherently higher risk.

The Suloev Stretch operates by contorting the opponent’s foot behind their head, exerting intense pressure on the muscles in the back of the thigh. When executed correctly, this submission becomes incredibly painful, rendering it a potent weapon in the MMA arsenal.

Notable stars such as Zabit Magomedsharipov and Aljamain Sterling have successfully employed the Suloev Stretch. Magomedsharipov memorably used this technique to submit Brandon Davis at UFC 228 in 2018. In the same event, former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling also showcased the effectiveness of the Suloev Stretch by employing it to submit Cody Stamann.

Sultanbek’s recent use of the Suloev Stretch adds another exciting chapter to the legacy of this rare and painful submission. The world of MMA continues to captivate fans with its ever-evolving techniques and extraordinary displays of skill.