(Video) MMA star proposes to his girlfriend live on TV… after breaking his FOOT during bout

In a captivating display of both love and bravery, Belgian lightweight champion Losene Keita stole the spotlight during Oktagon 45 in Prague. Just seconds after viciously fracturing his foot, Keita dropped down on one knee and proposed to his fiancée live on television.

Despite a foot injury that led to the premature end of his bout with Mate Sanikidze, Keita managed to turn the night around with a heartwarming proposal to his girlfriend – live on TV.

Keita dropped down to featherweight to challenge Mate Sanikidze for the featherweight title.

As the match commenced, the atmosphere in the packed arena was electric. But just moments into the bout, disaster struck for Keita. Keita came to his feet after a grappling exchange but instantly started to stutter on one leg.

The referee acted swiftly as he waived off the bout, leaving fans surprised.

Saddened by the abrupt ending of his match, Keita didn’t let the disappointment define his night. Still limping on one leg, Keita apologized to the audience.

However, he soon focused on his girlfriend. Taking a knee before a live TV audience, he turned to his partner and said, “Will you marry me?”

The crowd’s disappointment swiftly transformed into sheer elation as Keita’s partner joyfully responded with a resounding “yes.” The arena erupted with applause and cheers as the couple embraced in a heartwarming display of love.

Keita believed the injury resulted from a kick he threw during the match. The suspected broken foot was an unfortunate setback, but it couldn’t overshadow the happiness of the moment he shared with his beloved.

Despite the injury and the unexpected conclusion, Keita was determined to prove himself once more. He called for a rematch with Sanikidze, yearning to settle the unfinished business inside the Octagon.

He said: “The story is not finished. I was feeling great, I was feeling my distance. I hope he gives me the chance to fight him again because there is no bigger fight in Oktagon after this fight.”

“I think there must be a rematch. I don’t think he’s happy with this ending. I have a lot of respect for him but I don’t feel like he beat me. I felt good so I hope he can give me a rematch.”