(Video) MMA star loses tooth in Epic Battle, gets it back from the interviewer in surprise move

In a recent Fusion Fighting Championship (FFC) event held in Lima, Peru, fans witnessed a rare and humorous moment that added a touch of comedy to the intense world of mixed martial arts. During the event, a bantamweight bout between Vicente Vargas and Rony Henrique on the main card stole the spotlight.

The match proved to be an all-out war, with both fighters displaying incredible skill and resilience. At one point, Henrique delivered a powerful blow that cracked Vargas’ tooth, creating a memorable moment in the fight. Undeterred, Vargas continued to showcase his dominance in the later rounds and ultimately secured a victory via unanimous decision.

Following the battle, Vargas participated in a post-fight interview. The unexpected and comical twist occurred when the interviewer surprised Vargas by presenting him with the piece of his tooth that had fallen out during the match.

The interviewer casually handed the tooth back to Vargas, saying, “I’m here with the winner of a tough fight, Vicente Cemento Vargas. I have something to give you. This is a tooth that fell in the fight, what happened?”

Vargas, with a smile on his face, happily received his tooth and responded with humor, “Thank you, I have a tooth that fell in the fight, it’s a tooth that’s in the original tooth and it fell in the fight, can I have it?” The lighthearted exchange showcased Vargas’s good spirits despite the physical toll of the match.

The incident highlighted the unpredictable nature of mixed martial arts, where athletes, despite wearing mouthguards for protection, can still face unexpected challenges and injuries, including losing a tooth in the heat of battle. The unique moment provided both entertainment and a reminder of the resilience and humor within the MMA community.