(Video) MMA star keeps attacking opponent after the stoppage

At MMA Series 75, chaos erupted when Artem Tarasov, despite securing a victory via submission, exhibited unsportsmanlike conduct by attacking his opponent, Evgeny Ershov, after the bout had concluded.

MMA Series, a renowned mixed martial arts organization based in Russia, witnessed the unsettling incident during the main card middleweight bout between Tarasov and Ershov on December 2 in Moscow. While the event featured two title bouts, the Tarasov vs. Ershov matchup took an unexpected turn.

Tarasov showcased dominance throughout the bout, particularly with his superior grappling skills, ultimately securing a victory via a first-round submission with a RNC. Despite the decisive win, Tarasov’s behavior tarnished the otherwise thrilling match.

Immediately after Ershov tapped out, Tarasov released the submission but continued to deliver strikes to the back of Ershov’s head as he stood up. Ershov retaliated, leading to a brawl that overwhelmed the referee, prompting security guards and cornermen to enter the cage to intervene.

The situation escalated as both athletes attempted to defy the security guards and prolong their altercation. Additional guards flooded the cage, eventually managing to separate and subdue the contentious fighters.

Tarasov’s unsportsmanlike conduct stands in stark contrast to the principles of sportsmanship emphasized in the combat sports world, especially within mixed martial arts. The sport places a high premium on sportsmanship to ensure safety, foster respect, and maintain professionalism among athletes, who serve as role models for numerous fans.

Despite the breach of sportsmanship, Tarasov faced no significant consequences and was officially declared the winner. This victory extends his streak to four wins, contributing to a total record of 14 wins and 6 losses. On the other hand, Ershov, now 0-2 in MMA, remains more active in boxing and kickboxing. The incident at MMA Series 75 serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the values of sportsmanship in the intense realm of mixed martial arts.