(Video) MMA star hops on fence to celebrate, opponent joins for a hilarious altercation

In a recent HFC MMA event in Moscow, Russia, a humorous yet chaotic episode unfolded as Diego Brandao and Mohammad Heibati stole the spotlight with their post-match antics atop the fence.

Hardcore Fighting Championship (HFC), a renowned combat sports promotion based in Russia, organized the MMA-only event, HFC MMA, on November 30. The headline bout featured a lightweight clash between UFC veteran Diego Brandao and Mohammad Heibati, vying for the coveted ‘Biggest Gangster’ belt.

The anticipation surrounding their duel added to the excitement, as both fighters exhibited intense ambition in the lead-up to the match. Once the action commenced, it evolved into an intense back-and-forth battle, characterized by highlight-reel moments and exchanges.

The third round witnessed Brandao’s almost match-ending spinning heel kick, connecting solidly with Heibati’s head. Despite the staggering blow, Heibati displayed resilience, regained composure, and continued to engage.

As the final horn sounded, an unexpected and comical scene unfolded. Fueled by adrenaline, Brandao and Heibati, still in close proximity, erupted in loud exchanges. The referee intervened, separating the two. seizing the opportunity to claim the spotlight, Brandao climbed the fence, raising his hands triumphantly. Heibati, not one to be outdone, joined him, prompting a series of events that turned amusingly chaotic.

Heibati, clearly displeased, pulled Brandao down, sparking a lighthearted scuffle that elicited laughter from the audience. The situation escalated as they exchanged pushes and started throwing hands. Swift action by security guards diffused the tension, but Heibati wasn’t done yet. He approached the announcer, seized the belt prematurely, creating further confusion.

After some persuasion from the promotion staff, order was restored for the official announcement. Brandao was declared the winner via decision, marking a triumphant return to the win column for the 36-year-old Brazilian. His impressive record now stands at 28 wins and 21 losses. In contrast, Heibati, visibly disheartened, left the cage with his MMA record reflecting 5 wins and 4 losses.

The peculiar post-match episode added an entertaining twist to the event, creating a buzz within the MMA community and highlighting the unpredictable nature of live sports.