(Video) MMA star gets KOed standing, punches keep him upright turning him into a punching bag

In a recent MMA match, a jaw-dropping moment unfolded as an athlete absorbed a knockout blow yet remained on his feet, propelled by the relentless attack of his opponent.

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting (LXF), a Californian-based mixed martial arts promotion, may be relatively small, but it serves as a vital stepping stone for emerging talents in professional MMA. Their recent event, LXF 11, held on October 7 in Long Beach, California, showcased a mix of both professional and amateur bouts.

While professionals typically steal the limelight, it was an amateur clash between Antonio Ruelas and Miguel Valtierra that left spectators awestruck. From the outset, both fighters engaged in a ferocious exchange of blows, showcasing their fearlessness and determination.

The match quickly transformed into a high-stakes showdown, marked by an intense back-and-forth that predominantly revolved around striking prowess. Judges found it challenging to determine a clear frontrunner as these amateurs brought the heat to the cage.

As the rounds progressed, fans anticipated a protracted battle, but Ruelas had a different plan. With pinpoint accuracy, he connected a series of punches squarely on Valtierra’s jaw. The force of the blows sent Valtierra reeling backward, crashing into the fence. Seizing the opportunity, Ruelas hesitated for only a moment before unleashing another barrage of punches.

The ensuing spectacle was nothing short of brutal, with each punch finding its mark on Valtierra’s battered face. Meanwhile, Valtierra, seemingly in a daze, remained upright against the cage, almost as if the sheer momentum of Ruelas’s assault was keeping him on his feet. It was only when he could no longer withstand the relentless barrage that Valtierra slowly succumbed to gravity and collapsed to the canvas.

At this critical juncture, the referee finally intervened, signaling an end to the contest. Many fans speculated that Valtierra had effectively been knocked out when he was initially thrown against the cage. Upon closer examination, it became evident that it was the relentless fusillade of punches that had propped him up.

Antonio Ruelas emerged from this unforgettable encounter with his amateur record intact, boasting three victories without a single defeat. Conversely, Miguel Valtierra’s record was marred, now reflecting two wins and two losses.

In the earlier LXF preliminaries, an absolutely memorable knockout was delivered by Antonio Ruelas, showcasing the incredible tenacity of an athlete determined to remain standing despite the overwhelming force of his opponent’s strikes.