(Video) MMA star executes WWE-Style suplex in dominant win

In a display of incredible athleticism, an Egyptian mixed martial artist left fans stunned as he executed a WWE-style vertical suplex during a recent bout. Abdelghani Saber wowed the audience with this daring move in a bout that showcased his dominance.

The remarkable showdown took place at BRAVE CF 67, an event organized by the prestigious mixed martial arts promotion, BRAVE Combat Federation, based in Bahrain. This event, which unfolded on December 12 last year, featured intense matchups, mainly showcasing the talents of athletes from the Middle East, with a notable focus on Egypt.

Abdelghani Saber, an undefeated and promising Egyptian star known for his knockout power, entered the cage to face Aymene Souane from Algeria. From the moment the fight commenced, Saber demonstrated his superiority. Despite Souane’s attempts to take the action to the ground to avoid a knockout, Saber displayed exceptional grappling skills.

What caught the attention of fans and pundits alike was Saber’s decision to execute a vertical suplex, a powerful slamming technique often associated with professional wrestling, notably WWE. What made this feat even more impressive was Saber’s ability to hold Souane aloft for a few seconds before slamming him to the canvas. In scripted professional wrestling matches, even seasoned wrestlers can find it challenging to hold their opponent in such a manner.

The vertical suplex left Souane visibly shaken, but he continued to battle on. Saber followed up with additional powerful slams, further diminishing Souane’s performance. In the end, Saber concluded the bout with a rear-naked choke, securing his victory.

While slamming moves are not uncommon in mixed martial arts, some fighters prefer them as an alternative to conventional takedowns when the opportunity presents itself. However, slamming moves are not without risk. The force of a slam can be significant, resulting in rapid and forceful movements of the head and neck upon impact with the ground. This can lead to injuries, including neck and spine damage, dizziness, or even loss of consciousness.

Following this extraordinary victory, Abdelghani Saber extended his unbeaten record to 7-0. However, in his most recent contest, the 35-year-old faced his first loss when he squared off against Feruz Usmonov at Centurion FC in March. Usmonov emerged victorious through a majority decision, marking a turning point in Saber’s impressive career.