(Video) MMA star destroys knocked out opponent with rough ground and pound

OKTAGON MMA, the renowned Czech mixed martial arts promotion, delivered another unforgettable event with OKTAGON 50 in Ostrava on December 9. The highlight of the night was the vacant featherweight title clash between Losene Keita and Niko Samsonidse, showcasing a brutal moment that ended in a swift knockout.

As a leading MMA promotion in the Czech Republic, OKTAGON MMA has consistently presented thrilling matchups, and OKTAGON 50 was no exception. The main event promised a fierce battle, and Keita and Samsonidse lived up to the expectations, engaging in a strategic and intense confrontation.

The first round witnessed a cautious exchange of blows, with both athletes sizing up their opponent. The tension escalated as the match progressed, leading to powerful exchanges that showcased their skill and resilience. Despite their closely contested duel, fans were in for a surprising turn of events in the second round.

Within seconds, the fighters traded vicious blows, with Keita launching a body kick expertly blocked by Samsonidse, who responded with a straight punch. However, Keita swiftly countered with a brutal combination, sending Samsonidse to the canvas. While not yet knocked out, Samsonidse struggled to recover.

Seizing the opportunity, Keita wasted no time and unleashed a relentless ground-and-pound assault. The effectiveness of Keita’s strikes became evident as Samsonidse succumbed to the onslaught, ultimately getting knocked out cold and lying flat on the canvas.


This knockout secured Keita’s victory in the second round, crowning him the new featherweight champion. Keita’s impressive record now stands at 12 wins and 1 loss, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA scene. On the other hand, Samsonidse’s record dipped to 10 wins and 3 losses, marking a setback in his pursuit of the featherweight title.

The viral footage of Keita’s devastating knockout emphasizes the unpredictable nature of MMA, leaving fans in awe of the sport’s raw intensity and the prowess of its athletes.