(Video) MMA star blasts opponent with a high kick knocking him out on the spot

In a recent Mix Fights Events (MFE) bout held in Yerevan, Armenia, Armenian mixed martial artist Kamo Unanyan made headlines with a stunning head kick knockout against his opponent, Alimjon Shadmanov.

The event took place at Mix Fight 53, a major event hosted by MFE, one of Spain’s premier mixed martial arts promotions. Unanyan’s performance was a highlight of the event, showcasing the power and precision of his striking abilities.

The lightweight bout began with Unanyan  attacking Shadmanov, overwhelming him with a combination of punches and kicks. Shadmanov struggled to defend himself and was forced to retreat multiple times.

Recognizing that he couldn’t win the action on his feet, Shadmanov attempted to take the action to the ground with a takedown. However, Unanyan skillfully defended against the takedown, quickly returning to his feet and forcing Shadmanov to engage in stand-up combat once more.

The climax of the match occurred in the middle of the first round when Shadmanov was clearly overwhelmed. Unanyan expertly evaded a left jab thrown by Shadmanov and responded with a devastating high kick. His left leg connected with Shadmanov’s head, delivering a powerful impact that instantly rendered Shadmanov unconscious. The referee promptly waved off the action, declaring Unanyan the victor.

Kamo Unanyan’s performance was particularly impressive considering he only made his professional debut in March. He has since accumulated an impressive record of 3-0, with all of his victories coming via finishes against opponents Danil Oleynik, Semen Chinov, and Temirlan Emirlanov.

In contrast, Alimjon Shadmanov is a more experienced athlete, having made his professional debut in 2010. However, he has faced a downturn in his career since 2020, suffering five consecutive losses, including the recent knockout by Unanyan. Shadmanov’s overall professional record now stands at 7 wins and 8 losses.