(Video) MMA star attempts to use the infamous Spladle wrestling move to submit opponent

Hailing from the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, M2MMA emerges as a burgeoning force in the domain of combat sports. This innovative organization, based in Dubai, specializes in curating exhilarating events encompassing mixed martial arts and the art of muay thai. Despite its relative novelty, M2MMA has swiftly garnered attention by enlisting a cadre of promising talents. A recent highlight was the debut of M2MMA 1, an electrifying spectacle held on March 31 in the picturesque locale of Phuket, Thailand.

The event unfolded as a riveting showcase of talent, featuring a fusion of muay thai and MMA encounters within the confines of a squared ring. While the roster predominantly comprised emerging talents, their indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve illuminated the arena, captivating spectators with a thrilling display of skill and determination. Notably, one of the standout moments occurred during an MMA flyweight clash between James Clarke and Colton Kielbasa on the event’s main card.

From the onset, both contenders demonstrated ferocity, engaging in an exchange of potent strikes. However, the bout swiftly transitioned into a grappling spectacle, with Clarke and Kielbasa exhibiting commendable prowess on the canvas. The contest unfolded as a compelling back-and-forth, with each athlete seizing moments of dominance.

Amidst the intense fray, a singular moment captivated online audiences worldwide. Kielbasa expertly maneuvered Clarke into a spladle position, a maneuver borrowed from wrestling that entails ensnaring the opponent’s leg while exerting control with the head and arm—a move seldom witnessed in MMA circles. While not a submission technique per se, the successful execution of the spladle injected an additional layer of excitement into the bout, amplifying its dynamism.

Kielbasa maintained the hold for a significant duration, eliciting roars of approval from the crowd. Yet, Clarke ultimately extricated himself from the precarious position. The two adversaries continued their clash until the final bell, culminating in Clarke’s triumph via unanimous decision.

Following this victory, James Clarke extends his winning streak to 8 victories. The 29-year-old Canadian boasts a commendable record of 9 wins and 3 losses. Conversely, Colton Kielbasa grapples with consecutive setbacks, as his tally now stands at 5 victories against 3 defeats.

Witnessing Kielbasa’s execution of the spladle at the M2MMA event added a delightful touch of spectacle to the proceedings, resonating with fans and enthusiasts alike.