(Video) MMA star almost passes out on his feet from a RNC

In the dynamic world of mixed martial arts, a captivating moment unfolded during a recent BRAVE Combat Federation event. A skilled athlete executed a standing rear-naked choke, nearly rendering his opponent unconscious.

BRAVE Combat Federation, headquartered in Bahrain, continues to carve its legacy with successful events featuring a roster of talented contenders predominantly from the Middle East. The most recent spectacle, BRAVE CF 77, held on December 5 in Isa Town, Bahrain, showcased remarkable highlights, with one match stealing the spotlight.

The spotlighted bout occurred in the main card, a lightweight clash between Olzhas Eskaraev and Ruslan Tedeev. From the outset, the fighters displayed technical prowess and aggression, engaging in calculated striking exchanges throughout the first round. Eskaraev occasionally sought to take the action to the ground, but Tedeev consistently returned to a standing position.

The intensity escalated in the second round as Eskaraev, sensing an opportunity, elevated his aggression and pace. Tedeev found himself increasingly overwhelmed by Eskaraev’s relentless attacks.

The climax arrived in the final minute of the second round when Eskaraev secured a dominant position on the ground. Employing his impressive grappling skills, Eskaraev unleashed a ground-and-pound assault on Tedeev. In a strategic move, Tedeev rolled to escape the onslaught, only to fall prey to Eskaraev’s expertise.

Seizing the moment, Eskaraev swiftly locked in a flawless rear-naked choke, wrapping his arms and legs around Tedeev. Despite Tedeev’s valiant attempt to stand and endure the hold, the relentless pressure led to a visible reddening of his face. In a decisive move, Tedeev tapped out just before succumbing to unconsciousness.

Eskaraev’s victory marked a triumphant return to the win column, redeeming himself from a previous loss to Ylies Djiroun. The Kazakh athlete’s record now stands at an impressive 15 wins and 7 losses, showcasing his resilience and skill in the competitive realm of MMA.