(Video) MMA referee faces lifetime ban after physically confronting MMA star in cage

In the realm of mixed martial arts, controversies are not scarce. An MMA referee recently found himself in hot water following his shove of a combatant in the cage and violation of many officiating rules.

Referee Jon Munz was engaged in the incident. It happened last month during the Real Deal Championship 10 tournament in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Robert Gidron and Chauncy Foxworth were engaged in a middleweight bout. In the second round, Gidron clutched the cage to save himself from being put out. Referee Jon Munz did his part, chiming in vocally for a while before charging Gidron and giving him a hard shove.

Gidron later claimed that Munz’s forearm made contact with his throat during the push. This altercation led to a heated exchange, with both parties pushing each other. The chaos persisted until officials intervened to separate the feuding duo.

It is against the official norms for anybody to obstruct or interfere with an official’s ability to carry out their responsibilities. Second, no one is allowed to participate in disruptive conduct during an event, use foul language, or act disrespectfully toward the commission or authorities.

Munz neglected to make sure the match proceeded to its right conclusion in accordance with these regulations in the meantime. The MMA referee’s license has apparently been temporarily revoked as a consequence, and he has reportedly been ordered to do required anger management lessons. When he reapplies for his license, he has to go through a referee refresher course.

MMA contender Robert Gidron reflected on the clash and acknowledged his role in the altercation. While admitting his mistake in grabbing the cage, he vehemently contested Munz’s aggressive response.

In an interview, Gidron expressed: “I didn’t mean to grab the cage… As soon as I grabbed the cage and stood up, as he’s running toward me, I’m throwing my hands up. That tells you I already did wrong. I messed up. Most refs when they grab you, they say, ‘Stop, stop, stop.”


He went on to say: “He ran and put his forearm in my throat. Me, I’m already in fight mode… All his weight was on my throat… I felt that I pushed [him] off me. Maybe I could’ve done a lot better, but I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong… When he pushed me, it’s just a reflex.”

As of January 20, Robert Gidron faces a 45-day suspension and a $100 fine for his involvement in the altercation. But Gidron has a 15-day window to appeal the decision of the Arkansas State Athletic Commission.