(Video) MMA pro pulls firearm on rival during podcast

A mixed martial artist stunned his fans after whipping out a fire arm and pointing it at his rival in a podcast recording. The mixed martial artist in question is Shovkhal Churchaev. Churchaev  is reportedly facing jail time after the incident.

Altercations leading up to an MMA bout can be a good way to entertain fans and sell tickets for the event. Some altercations are real while most are just gimmicks and vary in intensity from simply throwing insults to throwing hands.

Recently, a MMA athlete Shovkhal Churchaev went too far enough aiming point blank athis rival Mohammad Heibati. The pair have never met inside the cage before and this incident is not in a lead up to their upcoming bout.

However, the pair is known for harboring ill will towards each other. And several days ago, they appeared together in a podcast. They recorded the incident for a bit where it shows Churchaev charging at Heibati and throwing some punches before escalating further

Shovkhal Churchaev himself is known to be a very arrogant man. In the compilation clip the lightweight athlete can be seen attacking someone during a cage interview.

A report from Mash Telegram channel says that the police are currently investigating the incident. They say that Churchaev could face up to 2 years behind bars for the assault and armed threat.

Mohammad Heibati also accused Churchaev for harassment in the past few months. One example was when Churchaev visited his house earlier this year when he was not home and left a message saying “we saw your wife”. The Iranian athlete had enough and decided to file a report.

Shovkhal Churchaev is a professional mixed martial artist with a total record consisting of 5 wins and 1 loss. His latest MMA bout was in January where he defeated Filipp Kosyrev. He also competed two time in crossover bouts where he boxed with his opponents in a cage.