(Video) MMA pro climbs cage fence like spiderman in one of the oddest celebrations of all time

Marcelo Rojo is a former UFC featherweight.

He proved that he is back in the game after his recent win against Angel Luis Cruz. The 34-year-old won in the first round via TKO and showcased his impressive ground and pound skills. Rojo’s win was a breath of fresh air for him after an unflattering run in the UFC, where he went 0-3 and lost all three via finish.

He lost to Charles Jourdain, Kyler Philips and Francis Marshall. He was released by UFC in December following last loss.

During his in cage interview, Rojo took the opportunity to plead with UFC matchmakers Mick Maynard and Sean Shelby, who were in attendance, to give him another chance to compete in the UFC.

Rojo’s request was specific, he wanted to compete on the undercard of his teammate, best friend, and idol, Brandon Moreno. It is something he had asked for since before he got signed to the UFC.

Rojo’s callout for a bout on the same card as Moreno is not about fame or money; he just wants to compete alongside his friend. Rojo is confident that he can perform well in the UFC and is ready for another chance.

Rojo’s win against Cruz was a dominant performance. He finished Cruz with his impressive ground and pound skills and finished him in style. Rojo’s famous velociraptor celebration was replaced by a more spider-like climb on the cage.

Rojo’s recent win has put him back on the map, and his callout to UFC matchmakers may give him another chance in the UFC.