(Video) MMA girl trains in her wedding dress, leaves the internet confused

On the eve of her wedding, a video of a bride working out went viral on social media.

Turkish personal trainer Muge Hoca works at Roxx Sports as a gym personal trainer. She has more than 15k followers on Instagram and is a social media influencer as well.

Hoca married in September of last year. On the big day, she recorded a video of herself doing pad work.

Muge Hoca was dressed for her wedding along with white boxing gloves and white shoes. Another trainer was holding the pads.

In the video, Hoca punched the pads several times before launching a high kick.

Users were not pleased with the lengths to which social media influencers go to create content. They did not react kindly to the video of Muge Hoca that was posted on social media.

ESPN MMA posted the video on Instagram. Some of the comments were as follows:

“Nah sis just take the day off”

“Anything for the gram huh, views at the expense of a wedding… man nobody lives for the moment anymore it’s all social media addiction”

One person explained why he thought it was “cringe”:

“I’m all about practicing your passions and stuff, but I find it kinda cringe with these things on special days like that.”

“The cringe is strong on this one. I go on her page thinking she’s probably some fighter. Nope just a fitness trainer Lmao like if it wasn’t cringe already that just made it worse”

Several people immediately came to the Muge Hoca’s defense, saying:

“They paid for the venue, let them be happy.”

“y’all hating but won’t step in the octagon wit her”

one more said:

“I think people should Do whatever makes them happy! Isn’t anyone else’s place to Judge what anther person wants do at their Wedding! Looks like they having Fun, and in my opinion that’s the point.”

While the majority of individuals thought the post was embarrassing, others thought that people should keep their opinions to themselves and allow others live their lives as they see fit.