(Video) MMA Fight ends before it started – fighter lands flying-knee finish

Alexandre Castro is a featherweight MMA fighter. He just dramatically defeated Elifrank Cariolano at Jungle Fight 108 in Brazil.

Cariolano was winning by backing Castro up with a barrage of punches after the two Brazilians collided in the middle of the cage. Alexandre Castro then landed a counter-right hand on Cariolano. This allowed Castro to get his back off the fence.

That was all Alexandre Castro needed to reset. He then came forward with a flying knee that knocked Cariolano to the ground. Before the fight was halted by the referee, Castro lunged in with a follow-up right hand.

With this knockout victory, Castro extended his winning streak to four. After making his debut in the promotion earlier this year, this was his second fight for Jungle Fight event. The 40-year-old has a record of 8-2 in his MMA career.

One of the most thrilling ways to end a fight in the Octagon is a flying knee knockout. Fans still remember Jorge Masvidal’s finish of Ben Askren, which set a new record for the quickest knockout in UFC history.

Masvidal went full speed forward as soon as the fight clock started, delivering the knee as soon as Askren shifted levels for the takedown. It was a knockout that will live in the minds of fans for all time.

A similar finish was when Sandhagen finished the bout in only 28 seconds. Sandhagen leaped into the air, nailing Edgar on the chin with the flying knee.

Edgar dropped his head to try for a takedown. This knocked Edgar out and brought the fight to an end.