(Video) MMA event starts off with a man KO’d into a somersault

MMA is a sport that allows for a lot of novelty considering that it allows for a tremendous number of techniques.

Often times we’ll see kickboxers, muay thai pros and boxers land spectacular combos. These combos sometimes end with the other party stiff,  needing oxygen or perhaps even on a stretcher.

But this next viral video featured something we haven’t seen before – a man KO’d into a somersault.

A somersault is a gymnastics or acrobatics move where a person tucks their body and rotates forward or backward, flipping over in the air and landing on their feet. It can also be called a flip, a forward roll, or a backward roll depending on the direction of the rotation. Somersaults require strength, agility, and practice to execute safely and effectively.

They’re also one of the first things you learn in judo – which is possibly how this man came to perform it while losing consciousness.

MMA promotion out of Poland focuses on pop-MMA, but their gimmick matches are still quite competitive.

On May 5, 2023, The War held their fifth event in Gliwice, Poland, which featured a unique group event. The card was kicked off by a heavyweight match up between HOMA and WODECKI. The two met in the quarter final of the War’s tournament.

Przemyslaw Wodecki is 0-1 in professional MMA, having lost to Lukasz Kapsa in September of 2013.

As Wodecki was knocked out he fell into a somersault and it was apparent he was completely out.

As he came back to the Earth, he seemed functional enough for the winner announcement. He earned a concussion with this performance for certain.

His KO was outshined by the War’s group event that took place slightly after. The promotion featured a 3 vs 3 MMA match that was interesting to watch despite it being stunt.

The result was total chaos. All six competitors instantly charged towards each other, and one from the yellow team quickly delivered a flying knee that knocked one opponent out cold. From this point it was a 2 vs 3 and it was just a matter of time.