Strongman Powerpuncher Eddie Hall Set for MMA Debut Against Neffati Brothers in “Freak” Event

Eddie Hall is gearing up for his highly anticipated MMA debut in a unique 2v1 showdown dubbed as a ‘freak fight’. Scheduled for next month, Hall has been diligently preparing in the cage for this momentous event, following his foray into boxing back in 2022.

Initially slated to participate in a four-man tournament earlier this year alongside fellow strongmen Mitchell Hooper and Brian Shaw, negotiations fell through, leaving Hall eager to showcase his combat skills in a different arena. Standing tall at 6’2 and weighing in at a staggering 362lb, Hall is globally recognized for his exceptional deadlifting prowess and is now poised to demonstrate his fighting capabilities against the Neffati Brothers.

In a groundbreaking move, the newly established World Freak Fight League will debut on June 7th at King Georges Hall in Blackburn, with Hall taking center stage against the formidable Neffati siblings, Jamil and Jamel. Despite his towering stature and hefty frame, Hall remains adaptable, having previously slimmed down to 313 lb for his boxing debut.

Contrastingly, the Neffati Brothers, each measuring a modest 5’3 and weighing approximately 145lb, collectively represent a substantially lighter force, setting the stage for an intriguing matchup of skill versus size.

Having triumphed in a previous Fame MMA event in Poland, where they vanquished another sibling duo, the Neffatis are no strangers to unconventional contests. However, the challenge posed by Hall promises to be their sternest yet.

Following his boxing debut against long-time rival Hafthor Bjornsson in 2020, which ended in defeat despite an impressive display of resilience, Hall has remained undeterred in his pursuit of pugilistic glory. Despite setbacks, including the cancellation of his anticipated Qatar bout, Hall’s determination has only intensified, leading him to ink a deal with the World Freak Fight League.

At a recent press conference, the trio confirmed their impending clash, set to unfold over three rounds with the duration yet to be finalized. In addition to the headline spectacle, the event will feature an array of unconventional matchups, underscoring its status as a pioneer in the realm of combat sports entertainment.