(Video) MMA coach delivers spot on read during event, landing a quick KO win for his student

In the world of MMA, a coach’s keen insight can make all the difference. Recently, one MMA coach showcased his exceptional skill by accurately predicting an opponent’s moves and guiding his athlete to victory.

Combat sports like MMA often feature a team of cornermen who play a crucial role in supporting their athletes during matches. These cornermen do more than offer water and towel off sweat; they provide strategic guidance that can turn the tide of a fight.

Watching from outside the cage, cornermen have a unique vantage point. They can spot an opponent’s weaknesses, offer real-time advice, and introduce new strategies. This support is invaluable, especially considering that fighters in the cage often contend with intense pressure.

A remarkable example of top-notch corner advice was captured during Octagon 49, an MMA event hosted by the Kazakhstan-based promotion, Octagon League, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on September 8.

The event’s main card featured an intense showdown between Shermurat Kalilov, an undefeated prospect, and Ahmed El Gharib. The first round witnessed a relentless exchange of powerful blows, making it challenging to determine who was ahead on the judges’ scorecards.

As the second round began, it was Kalilov’s cornerman, Vasiliy Takhtay, who made the difference. Takhtay, himself an undefeated athlete, astutely analyzed El Gharib’s movements and guided Kalilov toward the winning strategy.

“He is going to kick, catch his leg. Let him kick, counter with right cross. Prepare your right hand. Any move, right cross. Right cross! Right cross!” Takhtay instructed.

Following Takhtay’s precise prediction, El Gharib launched a body kick with his right leg. Kalilov, following his cornerman’s advice, snatched the leg and unleashed a devastating right-hand strike that connected squarely with El Gharib’s jaw. The impact sent El Gharib crashing to the canvas, securing Kalilov’s victory via a second-round knockout.

This victory marked Shermurat Kalilov’s seventh consecutive win, highlighting the 25-year-old Kyrgyz fighter’s immense potential since his debut in 2019. Conversely, Ahmed El Gharib’s professional record slipped to 6 wins and 5 losses.

The remarkable corner advice provided by Vasiliy Takhtay exemplifies the critical role that cornermen play in MMA. Their ability to read the fight, offer precise guidance, and inspire their athletes can be the determining factor between victory and defeat.