(Video) Mixed martial artist goofs off during bout at AMC Fight Nights 113

Mixed martial arts have been popularized on the back of martial arts movies starring Bruce Lee. Since then the genre has gone far, even getting a number of parody takes on the subject.

But it’s rarely that an athlete will take the joke as far as the competitor at AMC Fight Nights 113 did.

The man in question repeatedly goofed off during his bout.

The competitor sadly dropped an unanimous decision and did not manage to intimidate his competition into quitting. However he did have unappetizing effect on a number of fans whose comments ranged from “Maybe he could have won a gymnastics competition” to “And s*it like that is why I’ve always said that there’s some fights not worth watching.”.

On the other side of those antics was a proven wrestler – Iszmail Muszukajev. Muszukajev is a Russian wrestler that represented Hungary in the World Championships and won a Bronze in 2019.

This all took place during his MMA debut against Anvar Magomadov.

THis is one of the oddest moments we’ve seen in MMA probably since the hilarious double knock out.

In Kazakhstan a promotion recently had something hilarious take place. RUH promotion staged a bout between a Kazakh and Kyrgyz as a part of the wave of Pop MMA scene. Pop MMA features stunt type events that frequently feature non professional athletes.

To make matters worse, you can see both competitors featuring strange stripes on their backs. According to reports, the ‘stripes’ are paint residue due to the fact the cage was painted recently.

The two land shots at each other – ref spotted what transpired and confused as to what to do gave each an option to reset the action. The ref was ready to call it, however it seems like someone from the promotion interfered. One fighter was well enough to keep going right away. He even briefly left the cage when he thought the fight would be called. His opponent was seated in his corner, with the corner men trying to cool him off and reset. After some discussion it was determined that the blue gloves combatant was able to continue, while red was dazed. This prompted the ref to call it in favor of Uulu and add a loss to Igenbaev’s record.

The two athletes featured are referred to as Aidos “Taxi Driver” vs Akylbek “Buyer” perhaps indicating that this is some ill constructed way to resolve a customer business dispute.

Pop MMA events have been all over the place lately grabbing the attention of casuals.

Russian MMA promotion Epic Fighting Championship has been the main culprit for popularization of mismatches. They put on several intergender fights. One of them was a fight between a male and a female fighter with extremely different body types.

The male fighter is a heavyweight Grigory Chistyakov with his massive body and the female is a strawweight Aleksandra Stepakova. Grigory has no professional experience in mixed martial arts while Aleksandra has gone 0-1.

Aleksandra took advantage of his lean body and played it safe by delivering punches and kicks from the distance. She kept her distance during the fight and tried to avoid a grab from Grigory.