(Video) Mixed martial artist faceplants after a heavy blow

Mixed martial artist landed with his face on the canvas last night during one of the events at CFFC. The man was knocked out cold and was left lying there, body rigid.

Cage Fury Fighting Championship just held one of their major events on July 14, CFFC 110. The event featured various exciting bouts and was live streamed via UFC Fight Pass.

CFFC 110 was supposed to be headlined by Charles Radtke and the undefeated CFFC welterweight champion Eric Alequin. However, the bout was canceled and a promotional newcomer Caleb Crump stepped in to replace Alequin.

Charles Radtke didn’t even bother one bit about his new opponent and would beat anyone the promotion gave him.

“I didn’t even look at him. I just said yeah, because I mean at the end of the day, people want to see someone who is going to accept fights no matter what, and I’m one of those types of guys. I’ve had my losses and my fair share, but the one thing about me, I’m not scared to have the potential of having a loss, you know? You want the tough competition in there.”

Radtke said in an interview with CFFC.

The bout ended up being pretty easy for Charles Radtke. The two started the match with a pretty good scuffle with neither of them getting the upper hands. However, in the third minute of the round, Radtke delivered a very quick and deadly left hook that landed right on Crump’s chin.

Crump instantly got knocked out and face planted on the canvas. Crump’s whole body got stiff and he ended up being unconscious in a pretty odd position. Nevertheless, the ref halted the fight and announced Charles Radtke as the winner.

With this victory, Charles Radtke marks his third win streak. ‘Chuck Buffalo’ started his professional career in 2012 after winning his one and only amateur bout. He won his professional debut and went on to win multiple more before signing with CFFC last year.

In his promotional debut, the 32-year-old brutally knocked out Brandon Lopez and after that he had a decision victory against Jonathan Piersma before going to CFFC 110. Charles Radtke has a total score consisting of 5 wins and 4 losses in his career.