(Video) Mike Tyson let it slip that Jamie Foxx actually had a stroke

Jamie Foxx was spotted bulking up for a film project, where he will portray legendary boxer Mike Tyson in the biopic “Finding Mike” in 2021.

Foxx shared photographs on Instagram showing his impressive arm muscles, which he attributes to a regimen of pull-ups, dips, and push-ups.

The actor mentioned that the transformation of his body is the first and most significant task in preparing for the role.

Foxx expressed that there is still a long way to go in the process but is committed to reaching the desired physique.

Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Oscar De La Hoya left supportive comments on Foxx’s post, applauding his dedication and casting choice. However nothing came of it despite Foxx’s transformation.

As per Tyson, the movie was going to be directed by Scorsese who intended to de-age Foxx with CGI.

And further, Foxx recently ran into some medical issues and was in dire condition.

In a surprising turn of events, former boxer Mike Tyson accidentally disclosed popular Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx’s health status.

The unauthorized revelation came during an interview with Valuetainment, where Tyson unintentionally shared sensitive information about Foxx’s condition. This disclosure has caught the attention of fans and the media alike, shedding light on the potential health challenges Foxx may be facing.

Following his blunder, Mike made an effort to retract his remarks, but it was a bit late. Foxx and his family have worked hard to keep Jamie Foxx’s state of health a total secret. His daughter Corinne Foxx has even criticized the media for making assumptions about her father’s illness.

However, the slip-up by Mike Tyson has brought the matter to the forefront. Tyson not only mentioned a possible stroke but also hinted at more concerning health issues that Jamie Foxx might be currently enduring.

Known for his candid and unfiltered nature, Mike Tyson also shares a close bond with Jamie Foxx. Therefore, it’s unlikely that Foxx will hold Tyson accountable for the unintended revelation.

During the interview, Tyson stated: “He’s not feeling well. Yeah, there’s a stroke… I don’t know what happened to him. Hey listen, we can’t anticipate our next breath. We don’t know when we are gonna die… After we leave this bad stuff can happen. Hey listen, if we don’t know about it by now, they don’t want us to know.”

If Mike Tyson’s statements hold true, it suggests that Jamie Foxx may be dealing with significant brain damage. Although many individuals have successfully overcome similar health setbacks and regained normalcy, the specifics of Foxx’s situation remain unknown.

Given Foxx’s privacy throughout his life, it is likely that only fragments of information will trickle through from his celebrity acquaintances. Fans and well-wishers hope that the Academy Award-winning actor can fully recover and resume his iconic career.