(Video) Michael Jackson impersonator showcases what it would be like if the King of pop trained MMA

This weekend UFC returns with a PPV event, As UFC 289 approaches the headlines are buzzing with the sport’s biggest names. However, amidst the MMA news and banter the legendary Michael Jackson might have trained for a career in the UFC.

Although the footage doesn’t feature the real Michael Jackson, it showcases the comedic talent of Akamz, a social media sensation renowned for his spot-on impersonations of the late King of Pop. In this latest installment of his imaginative series, Akamz portrays Michael Jackson hitting the gym for mixed martial arts workouts, resulting in a hilarious display.

With an impressive online following of 24 million on TikTok and 2.2 million on Instagram, Akamz has captivated fans worldwide with his creative impersonations. Through his videos, he envisions what it would be like if Michael Jackson had ventured into various sports such as tennis, basketball, and soccer, showcasing his comedic prowess and attention to detail.

The recent video depicting Michael Jackson’s fictional UFC training sessions has resonated with fans, eliciting laughter and amusement across social media platforms. Akamz’s impeccable portrayal of the music icon engages viewers and transports them into a whimsical world where Jackson dons the gloves and steps into the Octagon.

The clever fusion of Michael Jackson’s iconic dance moves with MMA training techniques creates a unique spectacle that highlights Akamz’s comedic genius. The video strikes a chord with fans who appreciate both the talent of the late pop star and the thrill of mixed martial arts. By combining these elements, Akamz delivers an entertaining and light-hearted experience that brings a smile to the faces of his millions of followers.

While the video may be purely fictional, it serves as a reminder of the universal appeal and enduring legacy of Michael Jackson. Even in the realm of sports, his influence and cultural impact continue to captivate imaginations and inspire creative endeavors.