(Video) Michael Bisping ‘chokes out’ YouTube star Jaackmaate

UFC veteran Michael Bisping hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to mixed martial arts. The former UFC middleweight champion pulled a submission move and play choked a YouTube star named Jaackmaate.

Michael Bisping recently appeared on the ‘Happy Hour Podcast’ with the Youtuber Jaackmaate. The two talked about various subjects, but mostly about Bisping’s specialty, mixed martial arts. The Hall of Famer answered many questions a non-MMA fan would ask regarding the sport. And on one occasion, ‘The Count’ was asked to demonstrate a submission.

Jaackmaate asked Bisping to put him in a chokehold. Without hesitation, Bisping put the Youtuber in a rear-naked choke.

“So there’s many different chokes, but this is called the rear-naked choke. Relax, right give me your throat, you want to show it. You grab there and then you grab your bicep.” Bisping said as he grabbed Jaackmaate from behind.

Michael Bisping’s appearance on this podcast was a part of promotion for his life documentary. The documentary movie was just released worldwide on March 21. The movie shows Bisping’s journey as a mixed martial artist and how he became UFC middleweight champion back in 2016.

Michael Bisping retired from the UFC in 2017 after a bout against Kelvin Gastelum. The 43-year-old is currently active as a commentator for the promotion and trying out as an actor in the movie industry. During his 11 years under the UFC banner, Bisping exchanged blows with the likes of Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Luke Rockhold. Bisping has an MMA record consisting of 30 wins and 9 losses.